Residential complex in Trani
FIN-Window Nova-line 77
FIN-Window Nova-line 77 PVC-PVC

Residential complex in Trani

Magical wood decor with FIN-Project, FIN-Slide and FIN-Door.

Situated by the sea in the southern Italian port city of Trani, this new residential complex blends tactfully into the curved architectural surroundings and takes its colour cues from the nuances of the rock.

For the choice of windows, a material was sought that offers the feel and appearance of wood while at the same time withstanding the rigours of the Mediterranean climate. No combination would be better suited for this purpose than Finstral windows of PVC with wood decor: the decor is fused into the PVC profiles and the surface embossed to a high standard. This means that the windows are visually hardly any different from real wood – but are much easier to clean, resistant to salty air and less sensitive to dirt and sunshine. The surface remains dimensionally stable even in very bright sunlight and will not yellow. This design was chosen for all FIN-Door windows, lift-and-slide doors and entry doors in order to produce a uniform look.
Type of building Multiple-family dwelling
Construction 2020
Project New build/conversion
Country Italy
Region Apulia
Locality Trani
Photographer We Are Web
Partner details
Meuli Infissi
Contrada Scannatizzi
72019 San Vito dei Normanni
Products used
Uw - Heat transmittance coefficient of window elementRw - Sound insulation properties of a windownpd - No performance determined
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