Villa Scissure Sea Suite in Gaeta
FIN-72 Nova-line 72
FIN-72 Nova-line PVC-PVC

Villa Scissure Sea Suite in Gaeta

An epic holiday home with FIN-Slide, FIN-Vista and FIN-72.

One villa, two faces: a strict, precise style faces the sea with geometric, angular shapes and a soft, playful architecture with concave-convex curves that are reminiscent of sails. Attention focuses on a cypress, representing the mast to which Odysseus, according to legend, had himself bound to prevent the Sirens from luring him to his death.
The villa blends into its natural surroundings – aesthetically, harmoniously and also practically. The FIN-Slide sliding doors and FIN-Vista window walls combine with the externally glass-covered frames to guarantee not only magnificent views, but also maximum light incidence. The aluminium and PVC surfaces, both with white satin finish, require minimal maintenance and are also resistant to sun, heat, wind and rain. The high-quality frame profile sealing and PVC in the core always mean outstanding insulation, excellent insulation values and reduced energy consumption.
Type of building Hotel/Catering
Construction 2019
Project New build/conversion
Country Italy
Region Lazio
Locality Gaeta
Partner details
Studio Pi
Via Torre Bianca, 29
81031 Aversa
Products used
Uw - Heat transmittance coefficient of window elementRw - Sound insulation properties of a windownpd - No performance determined
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