The Manzoni Garden apartment complex in Meran
FIN-Window Nova-line N 90+8
FIN-Window Nova-line N 90+8 aluminium-PVC

The Manzoni Garden apartment complex in Meran

FIN-Window: energy efficiency meets aesthetics.

A jewel in the crown: the three parts of the high-class Manzoni Garden residential complex all blend harmoniously into the urban environment. The spacious windows, exterior glass-covered frames and casement doors with their spandrel glass let plenty of light into the living areas. The entrance area and staircase are also bright and inviting thanks to their fully glazed design.
The complex, with its 65 superb apartments, was built as a Class-A climate house. The FIN-Window system was thus the ideal choice for the windows. Their construction depth, large enough to permit generous air chambers, and their manufacture from very high quality PVC all mean that FIN-Window 90 can offer the best insulation values on the market. The argon gas filling of the space between the panes and the corner-welded, heat-insulated glass spacers also contribute to these outstanding values. This all makes living at the Manzoni Garden not just delightful, but also energy-efficient!
Type of building Multiple-family dwelling
Construction 2017
Project New build/conversion
Country Italy
Region South Tyrol
Locality Meran
Photographer Hannes Meraner
Studio details
Finstral Studio Meran
Pfarrgasse 2
39012 Meran
+39 0473 066201
Products used
Uw - Heat transmittance coefficient of window elementRw - Sound insulation properties of a windownpd - No performance determined
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