Single-family house in the Rhine-Main area
FIN-Project Nova-line 78/88
FIN-Project Nova-line 78/88 aluminium-aluminium

Single-family house in the Rhine-Main area

FIN-Vista, FIN-Project, FIN-Door – it couldn’t be clearer!

This modern single-family home is characterised by its clear lines, angular forms and uninterrupted views as far as the eye can see. The puristic construction sets the architecture the task of linking outside and inside in such a way that the boundary appears to flow between the two. Windows and window walls naturally play a leading role in this context – and not only in terms of façade design: the windows also constitute an essential part of the interior design. Given the large glass areas, the clients wished to ensure a high degree of resistance to break-ins and excellent thermal insulation for the windows.

The FIN-Vista window wall is ideal for meeting both requirements and, thanks to its slender frame profiles, also looks extremely elegant. The modular mullion-transom look means it can be combined with all windows, sliding and folding doors – in this case with the smart FIN-Project Nova-line aluminium windows and the entry door in aluminium. The new building – despite its angular design – presents an all-round harmonious aspect.
Type of building Single-family dwelling
Construction 2015
Project New build/conversion
Country Germany
Region Rhine-Main area
Locality Bad Vilbel
Photographer Jörg Hempel
Partner details
Lorisch Fensterbau
Hangstraße 7
63683 Ortenberg-Eckartsborn
+49 170 4947577
Products used
Uw - Heat transmittance coefficient of window elementRw - Sound insulation properties of a windownpd - No performance determined
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