How a video chat works.

Virtual visit to a Finstral Studio.

All you need for a video chat with our Finstral Studios is your computer (including microphone), tablet or smartphone.

To participate simply click on the link that your Finstral adviser has sent you. Then follow the instructions to join the video chat.

Step 1:
How do you want to take part in your Microsoft Teams meeting?

You have three options with the computer:
  • Download the Windows app
  • Continue in this browser
  • Open the Microsoft Teams app (if the app is already installed)


You have two options with a tablet or smartphone:

  • Download the Windows app
  • Open the Microsoft Teams app (if the app is already installed)

Step 2:
Enter your name.

How should we address you? Enter your name in the field provided and click on the “Join now” button.

Step 3:
Share the microphone and camera.

To join a call or meeting, go to Settings and allow teams to use your microphone and camera.

Step 4:
Knock at the virtual Studio.

As soon as the meeting starts, we will let you know that you are in the “Lobby”. If our adviser is expecting your visit to the virtual Studio, you will be allowed in at once.
Technical Note:
We use the Teams platform for video chats with our Finstral Studios. You can join video chats from your computer directly from your web browser, with no need to download or install anything.
You must have the Teams app installed to use Teams with your tablet or smartphone.
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