Windows and doors made of aluminium.

High-quality aluminium – with the insulation value of PVC.

Do you want an innovative aluminium window? One with narrow frames but first-class insulation values – and maximum freedom in choosing colours and details? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because Finstral has re-invented the aluminium window. The core always contains PVC to give the best insulation values. And because our aluminium windows are modular in design, there is a wide variety of frame forms and fittings available for you to compose your individual window. Only we offer this. Because at Finstral we make everything ourselves: developing frame profiles, producing insulation glass, setting installation standards. Come and see for yourself.
Aluminium frame profile with high sealing properties

Your aluminium window – always perfectly insulated.

Aluminium windows look good, but could the insulation be better? Not at Finstral. Because, in contrast to the standard aluminium frame profiles on the market, we – as with all our frames – always use PVC in the core, completely aluminium-clad on both the exterior and interior. This combines the modern look of aluminium with the outstanding sealing and insulation properties of PVC.
Aluminium window frames in red

Not just your favourite colour, but your favourite red.

You decide whether your new window will perfectly match its surroundings, or deliberately set a different accent. With over 200 spot colours, 16 accent colours and five natural wood decors, Finstral offers a wide variety of colours for aluminium surfaces that can meet your every wish. And because aluminium is so robust, the coated material will be weather-resistant and dimensionally stable, even for dark colours.
Narrow aluminium window sashes

Less frame, more choice.

Classic or modern – how should the frame of your aluminium window look? Finstral lets you choose your perfect style from over five sash variants, irrespective of whether you want windows for a modern new build, a classic old building or a renovation project. A window is ultimately only perfect when it suits you. And what do the five window sash types all have in common? They are always the narrowest in their class.
Installers before fitting aluminium windows

Always straightforward: our window installation.

Will the installation also be quick, clean and easy? But of course. Because all of our installation partners receive regular training. We have detailed drawings of structural joints for every type of installation with precise guidelines on the relevant process and materials. And, instead of the usual masonry work, we let you choose from a range of resource-saving, straightforward and always innovative types of installation.
How can we further assist you?
Windows, entry doors and glass walls are investments for decades. We will be pleased to advise you personally - virtually too, of course.
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