Folding doors.

Maximum opening, minimalist look – all with optimum insulation.

Do you want a glass surface that folds completely to one side? This is possible with our FIN-Fold folding door. Folding doors not only let plenty of natural light into a room, they also permit barrier-free movement from inside to outside within a matter of seconds. Ease of use, maximum design freedom and uncompromising insulation values are of course always standard with Finstral products. And because we also make everything for our folding doors ourselves – developing frame profiles, producing insulation glass and defining mounting standards – we can always guarantee perfect quality.
Perfect ease of access: always barrier-free.

Perfect ease of access: always barrier-free.

What makes our FIN-Fold folding doors unique? They can be completely folded to one side so as to create an unhindered opening of maximum width, thus extending your living area onto the terrace or into the garden. FIN-Fold offers the lowest thresholds on the market to enable barrier-free access between the outside and the inside. And our folding doors also of course have the narrowest frames in the market. In other words, the perfect folding door.
Always a whole world of colours.

Always a whole world of colours.

Of course we also offer you a vast range of designs for folding doors. Our FIN-Fold folding door is finished inside and outside in elegant, durable aluminium. So you always have every aluminium colour and surface to choose from. Including those that will exactly match your home.
Spectacular: large glass surfaces

Spectacular: large glass surfaces.

A fully-glazed surface that can be folded back? The Nova-line Plus variant of our folding doors offers just that. As the sash frame is completely concealed behind the glass, the exterior has the appearance of a continuous all-glass surface. Without any compromise in terms of functionality. Nova-line Plus can provide additional accents where the glass covers the frame by means of enamelling in one of ten bright colours.
Always certified: our installation.

Always certified: our installation.

What is the installation procedure? Which materials are used? And, above all, what does the result look like? As a folding door will only be perfect if it is perfectly installed, all those involved are regularly trained and given precise instruction. More and more installers are going one step further and being certified by the Institut für Fenstertechnik (ift) so as to meet our high demands when it comes to perfect installation.
How can we further assist you?
Windows, entry doors and glass walls are investments for decades. We will be pleased to advise you personally - virtually too, of course.
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