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Expert refurbishment with Finstral

Save energy, reduce costs, protect the climate

Pre-1995 windows are obsolete in energy terms, sometimes damaged and offer poor technical standards. How do you know whether to replace your windows? 

Discoloured panes are a sign that the glazing is showing its age. Check whether the window frame s are leaking or in poor condition. Can the windows only be opened or closed with difficulty? Do you notice uncomfortably cold draughts near the window? Are your heating bills higher than average? Then it is time to think about replacing your windows.

A worthwhile investment

Installing new windows is always a worthwhile investment. One of the most common reasons that prompt us to replace our windows is to reduce unnecessarily high heating and cooling costs. 

Modern thermally insulated windows are characterised by thermal protection glazing and well-insulated frames. The energy wasters of before have become real energy savers. The effective sealing of new windows ensures more comfort in your home. You also save a lot on heating costs.

Save up to 800 euros a year in heating costs

You can save up to 800 euros a year in heating costs by replacing your windows. Shorter heating seasons also help: while these will normally begin in mid-September, modern thermal insulation glazing combined with façade insulation can postpone this by up to four weeks. Another four weeks can similarly be saved in spring. Your investment thus pays off in the long run. But it also pays off in the short term: after 9-12 years depending on the glazed area.

The Uw  value can help you when buying windows. It shows how much heat remains in the house. The smaller the value, the better the insulating properties. Today’s typical window has a Uw  value of 1.3 W/m²K – while the best windows may even have a Uw  value of less than 0.8 W/m²K.

Let the sun into your house

Warm, light and airy rooms – large windows give a boost to every home and permanently improve living quality. But the benefit of light-filled rooms no longer means high heating costs. On the contrary, modern thermal insulation windows have excellent insulation properties and keep heat energy in the room in winter. 

If additional window areas are created during modernisation, e.g. floor-to-ceiling windows or additional windows in the roof, the need for artificial light sources is reduced by several hours a year. In addition there is the free solar energy that enters the room via the larger glazing units.

What your new windows can do

Not to be overlooked are the additional features and equipment options that your new window provides. Good protection against burglars is a must on the ground floor, proper ventilation and insect protection are priorities in the kitchen, noise should be kept out of bedrooms, while the floor-to-ceiling glazing in the nursery must offer injury protection. Finstral windows and doors are high-performance products precisely tailored to your needs. You can thus improve the comfort of your living environment through customised windows.

The best is indeed what you need as windows, front doors and glass annexes have a lifespan of several decades.

Refurbish the building, save the architecture.

Your new windows should be of course also look good. The overall visual impression of a house is characterised by its windows and front door.

We offer appropriate solutions for every style. Attractive lattice windows, authentic decorative elements and our traditional narrow sash variant s are all especially suitable for renovation that remains true to the original style.

Traditional folding shutters or our special wood-finish decors will add a stylish accent to your façade.

Finstral makes replacing windows easy: quick, clean and no masonry work involved

We have developed a special building system for the refurbishment and renovation of windows. The old window frame  remains in the masonry while the new Finstral frame is easily and safely applied to it. Connection profiles cover the joint  space on the inside and outside. This system ensures that façades, windowsills, wallpaper and tiles remain undamaged when replacing windows. The window is quickly and cleanly replaced without masonry work: the simple way of achieving more quality of life in your living areas.