Window replacement in Erfurt
FIN-Window Nova-line 77
FIN-Window Nova-line 77 PVC-PVC

Window replacement in Erfurt

Less effort required with the minimally invasive slide-in installation.

Three three-storey apartment buildings with a total of 144 flats, built in 1972. The windows were last replaced twenty years ago, so the old windows now had to be renovated a second time. No noise, no dirt, no scaffolding – for the owner, the efficiency of the process was decisive in opting for Finstral’s slide-in installation. And the results speak for themselves: in just three months, six installers replaced a total of 1,359 windows. This is four to six times faster than for conventional window replacement. Visually, the new PVC windows can hardly be distinguished from the old ones. Functionally, there are noticeable advantages: the triple insulating glazing improves the insulation value considerably – from 3.0 W/m²K to 0.6. Modern window rebate ventilators ensure constant air exchange. The windows on the south side are also of light solar protection glass, meaning that the interiors will not heat up so quickly in summer. And all windows are of course equipped with high-quality security locking components that make entry much more difficult for burglars.
Type of building Multiple-family dwelling
Construction 2021
Project Window replacement
Country Germany
Region Thuringia
Locality Erfurt
Photographer Erik Mosoni
Partner details
Gebrüder Allendorf
Samuel-Schröter-Straße 12
99628 Buttstädt
036373 91155
Products used
Uw - Heat transmittance coefficient of window elementRw - Sound insulation properties of a windownpd - No performance determined
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