The port arcades of Leer
FIN-Window Nova-line C 90+8
FIN-Window Nova-line C 90+8 aluminium-PVC

The port arcades of Leer

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Semi-circular and large in area, with a sharp corner angle: a 26-metre high, elliptically shaped building has been constructed by the old harbour of Leer to combine working and living by the water in luxurious, innovative style. The building contains 19 apartments as well as two penthouse units directly on the water, offering unobstructed views of the River Leda and the old town of Leer.
Numerous views to be precise, as the port arcades feature plenty of windows! The FIN-Window glazing is in the Nova-line design, with frame-covering glass that emphasises the clear, modern architectural language. The frameless exterior window sash is still the narrowest in its category on the market! PVC was chosen for the inside of the windows, with aluminium anthracite grey on the outside which, combined with the white of the façade, creates an attractive mosaic appearance.
Type of building Multiple-family dwelling
Construction 2015
Project New build/conversion
Country Germany
Region Nord
Locality Leer
Photographer a|w|sobott
Partner details
Büter Bauelemente
Katharinenstraße 2
48529 Nordhorn
05921 83 55 0
Products used
Uw - Heat transmittance coefficient of window elementRw - Sound insulation properties of a windownpd - No performance determined
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