Cityside Apartments in Amersfoort
FIN-Window Nova-line 77
FIN-Window Nova-line 77 PVC-PVC

Cityside Apartments in Amersfoort

Aluminium-PVC windows in a residential complex

The empty office buildings at Hogeweg 25 in the Dutch city of Amersfoort are a thing of the past. Today there are 109 luxurious studio apartments here, together with a private gym and underground parking. The completely refurbished complex has an outstanding energy efficiency index from A to A+. Complementing this is a plant for waste water heat recovery, a solar module system and the installation of windows with double insulation glazing. Our FIN-72 aluminium-PVC window system was the ideal choice for the Cityside Apartment building planners. Thermally-insulating argon gas in the space between the glazing and corner-welded glass spacers ensure that the glass achieves excellent heat insulation values. The white, frameless window sashes are also a perfect match for the modern façade. The entrance area has an entry door from the Creativ line.
Type of building Multiple-family dwelling
Construction 2017
Project Window replacement
Country Netherlands
Region Utrecht
Locality Amersfoort
Studio details
Finstral Studio Apeldoorn
Tweelingenlaan 68
7324 BN Apeldoorn
055 5380060
Products used
Uw - Heat transmittance coefficient of window elementRw - Sound insulation properties of a windownpd - No performance determined
FIN-Window Nova-line 77 PVC-PVC
FIN-Window Nova-line 77
Uw 1-sash 2-/3-glazing:1,2 / 0,80 W/m²K
Uw 2-sash 2-/3-glazing:1,3 / 0,89 W/m²K
Rw Standard:35 (-1;-6) db
Rw Best value:45 (-1;-3) db
FIN-Slide Classic-line PVC-PVC
FIN-Slide Classic-line
Uw 1-sash 2-/3-glazing:1,3 / 0,85 W/m²K
Uw 2-sash 2-/3-glazing:1,3 / 0,95 W/m²K
Rw Standard:npd
Rw Best value:43 (-1;-5) db
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