FIN-Window is now Finstral’s leading profile system.
The previous best-seller, FIN-72, will be discontinued as of June 2021.
FIN-Window is now Finstral’s leading profile system.
In spring 2019 Finstral, one of Europe’s largest window manufacturers, announced the largest change to its product portfolio in the company’s fifty-year history. The ambitious plan of this South Tyrolean family business was to replace its FIN-72 PVC window system, which had been established and continuously developed over the decades, with a new, significantly more diverse profile system. In July 2020, a key milestone was achieved: windows with FIN-Window profiles are now Finstral’s most-ordered system.

The modern PVC and PVC-aluminium FIN-Window system possesses a modularity and variety of variants that were previously unknown on the market. Practically all aesthetic and functional equipment variants can be combined within the new system. Whether for a classic lattice window with an ultra-narrow frame and the highest degree of burglary protection, or a modern all-glass composite sash with frame-covering glass on both exterior and interior – FIN-Window makes everything possible within a single profile system.

The effort required for the product launch was enormous: 21 new PVC profile tools and a similar number of new aluminium profiles had to be produced, with production modified while operations continued. Fortunately for Finstral, all work steps are in the company’s own hands: from development and in-house profile extrusion, aluminium coating and insulation glass production, all the way through to assembly. As well as manufacturing, the second major challenge has been to convince the trade of the benefits. “The launch of FIN-Window is living proof of our close and long-standing partnership with window dealers across Europe. Without this relationship of trust, it would hardly be possible to think of such a massive changeover for a leading profile system”, says Luis Oberrauch, vice-president of the Board of Directors and sales director at Finstral.

“The roadmap for the gradual introduction of FIN-Window will run until the turn of the year in 2020/2021. Despite Corona, we have managed to meet all our deadlines. And we will continue in the same way: all the profile variants required for the system, even those that are rarely needed, will be available by the end of the year. And, in June 2021, we will finally take FIN-72 out of production”, adds Florian Oberrauch, vice-president of the Board of Directors with responsibility for production.

“FIN-Window sets completely new standards for PVC and PVC-aluminium windows in Europe. The narrowest frames, the best insulation glass from pane to spacer, always with four locking points, a centre seal, frame shapes ranging from classic to modern, an extraordinarily wide colour range… for those wishing to offer top-quality, attractive windows to discerning customers, FIN-Window is the ideal choice”, says Joachim Oberrauch, president of the Board of Directors and responsible for product development in the company.
FIN-Window is now Finstral’s leading profile system.
With FIN-window, Finstral is setting a new standard for PVC windows.
FIN-Window is now Finstral’s leading profile system.
The new FIN-Window Slim-line has an extra-slim exterior sash appearance of just 26 mm.
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