Wooden house on Lake Köriser
FIN-72 Nova-line 72+8
FIN-72 Nova-line aluminium-PVC

Wooden house on Lake Köriser

FIN-72 and FIN-Slide: windows and doors that reflect nature

Wood stands for the forest, glass for the lake. This single-family house on Lake Köriser boasts a wonderfully sophisticated floor plan: five cubes that join together to form a single unit. The wooden interior and exterior walls are an architectural reflection of the surrounding pine forest – large windows that use the FIN-72 aluminium-PVC profile system also form a link between inside and outside. This symbiosis of nature and architecture is additionally realised in two ways thanks to the FIN-Slide Step-line aluminium-PVC lift-and-slide doors, which open up the house outwards. The exceptionally flat character of the door thresholds underlines the flowing transition to the natural world. Nature as a source of inspiration – and as the architectural language of the house.

Building in such a location also demands a spirit of sustainability. Energy efficiency and the use of renewable raw materials were particularly important in the construction of the house. With their smart composition, Finstral products take both aspects into account: the PVC core of the window and door frames offers outstanding insulation, while all materials used can be 100% recycled. Sustainable design, perfect insulation and attractive aesthetics that guarantee maximum light incidence: with Finstral windows, you certainly won't feel that you can't see the wood for the trees!
Type of building Single-family dwelling
Construction 2020
Project New build/conversion
Planning Zeller & Moye
Country Germany
Region Klein Köriser See, Berlin
Locality Groß Köris
Photographer Christoph Zeller, Cesar Bejar
Partner details
0331 623156
Products used
Uw - Heat transmittance coefficient of window elementRw - Sound insulation properties of a windownpd - No performance determined
FIN-72 Nova-line aluminium-PVC
FIN-72 Nova-line 72+8
Uw 1-sash 2-/3-glazing:1,2 / - W/m²K
Uw 2-sash 2-/3-glazing:1,3 / - W/m²K
Rw Standard:30 (-2;-6) db
Rw Best value:38 (-3;-7) db
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