Villa in Dauphiné
FIN-Project Nova-line 78/88
FIN-Project Nova-line 78/88 aluminium-aluminium

Villa in Dauphiné

Aluminium window wall in a house on stilts

The house on stilts, located on a steep slope, combines wood with aluminium and a wide protruding flat roof with large and small window openings. The slender aluminium profiles of the FIN-Project window and FIN-Slide doors provide a sober accent and complement the clear architectural line of the house. FIN-Vista window walls with glass covering the frame and glass-covered double casement profile offer large and elegant glass surfaces with unobstructed views of the French Alps. The excellent insulation values ensure that energy consumption meets ecological standards.
Type of building Single-family dwelling
Construction 2016
Project New build/conversion
Planning NaturARCH
Country France
Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
Locality Dauphiné
Partner details
Alpes Provence Menuiserie
ZAE Espace Bléone
04510 AIGLUN
Products used
Uw - Heat transmittance coefficient of window elementRw - Sound insulation properties of a windownpd - No performance determined
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