Villa in Almería
FIN-Slide Slim-line Cristal 170
FIN-Slide Slim-line Cristal 170 aluminium-aluminium

Villa in Almería

Futuristic building with smart windows and lift-and-slide doors.

This villa dares to take an architectural leap into the future! The different textures of the futuristic façade make every single corner special. The straight lines allow a surprising amount of light to enter and lend the building its avant-garde style, which is continued in the angular lines of the windows and the lift-and-slide doors.

The large glass surfaces of the lift-and-slide doors give the construction its lightness and blend seamlessly into the modern elegance of the façade. Here, the grey aluminium frames gently accentuate the white tones of the new building, while at the same time creating a connection to the grey tones that are inserted into the façade at varying intervals. The innovative FIN-Fix assembly frame was used for installation. This ensured a smooth installation without dirt, noise or damage to the products – because the windows are only installed during the dry construction phase after completion of the rough construction work.
Type of building Single-family dwelling
Construction 2020
Project New build/conversion
Planning Basse
Country Spain
Region Almería
Locality Almería
Photographer Ana Mora
Partner details
Windows Studio
950 042 533
Products used
Uw - Heat transmittance coefficient of window elementRw - Sound insulation properties of a windownpd - No performance determined
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