School boarding house Fürstenburg
FIN-72 Nova-line 72+8
FIN-72 Nova-line aluminium-PVC

School boarding house Fürstenburg

180 new aluminium windows

This school boarding house, a recipient of the 2017 CasaClima Award, is regarded as an architectural gem – and rightly so. In just 13 months the architect managed a real accomplishment on its four floors. The white futuristic building, which houses 100 students, features 180 new windows. The dark, slim aluminium exterior frames of the FIN-72 windows and FIN-Project windows form a striking contrast to the bright façade. The design and aesthetics of the Nova-line products gives the building a modern, all-glass look. The modular design of the FIN-Vista window walls permits easy integration of the entry doors. The PVC core ensures excellent heat insulation even with the numerous glass surfaces.
Type of building Public-sector building
Construction 2017
Project New build/conversion
Country Italy
Region South Tyrol
Locality Burgeis
Photographer René Riller
Studio details
Finstral Studio Meran
Pfarrgasse 2
39012 Meran
+39 0471 296832
Products used
Uw - Heat transmittance coefficient of window elementRw - Sound insulation properties of a windownpd - No performance determined
FIN-72 Nova-line aluminium-PVC
FIN-72 Nova-line 72+8
Uw 1-sash 2-/3-glazing:1,2 / - W/m²K
Uw 2-sash 2-/3-glazing:1,3 / - W/m²K
Rw Standard:30 (-2;-6) db
Rw Best value:38 (-3;-7) db
FIN-Project Nova-line 78/88 aluminium-aluminium
FIN-Project Nova-line 78/88
Uw 1-sash 2-/3-glazing:1,2 / 0,81 W/m²K
Uw 2-sash 2-/3-glazing:1,3 / 0,94 W/m²K
Rw Standard:38 (-2;-6) db
Rw Best value:41 (-3;-7) db
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