Double insulation works even better.
Maximum insulation with box-type windows – without compromising on function or aesthetics.
Double insulation works even better.
Finstral presents an innovative solution for building situations with particularly high noise levels: a specially developed installation frame maximises the shielding effect of the insulation with two windows – one inserted behind the other – that can both be opened inwards. Finstral is thus bringing the tried-and-tested principle of the box-type window up to date, both functionally and aesthetically.

One installation frame, two windows.
The principle of the Finstral box-type window works in the same way as in older buildings: exterior window, intermediate space, interior window. The main attraction however is that the new “double version” of the Finstral window features an innovative FIN-Fix installation frame. This is inserted into the masonry during new build or conversion work, not only ensuring a perfect structural joint but also creating defined interfaces for the use of two windows, which can be freely combined from the Finstral range.

Four times quieter than quiet.
Even a single Finstral window protects against noise of up to 32 dB – and, with soundproof glazing, up to 47 dB. For most cases this is sufficient. However, if there is an airport or a motorway junction nearby, it may be worth installing box-type windows, which can increase the sound insulation value to as much as 59 dB.

Double insulation.
Finstral box-type windows also achieve outstanding values in terms of thermal insulation: up to Uw 0.65 with double double-glazing. This figure is twice as high as standard double glazing and as much as 30% more than the triple glazing installed in Finstral windows.

Design without limits.
Unique to box-type windows is the ability of both windows to combine almost all the functional and aesthetic options from the Finstral range. For the exterior and interior windows, all frame shapes and aluminium and PVC surfaces are possible, while all real wood and Inlay variants and all opening and operating variants are available for interior windows. The full range of shading, insect screen and windowsill solutions can also be fitted. This is not only a new development on the small market for box-type windows, but is also remarkable in view of Finstral’s product range – probably the most functionally and aesthetically diverse programme in Europe.
Double insulation works even better.
Finstral box-type windows are based upon a variant of the innovative FIN-Fix installation frame, which can hold two windows instead of just one.
Double insulation works even better.
Finstral box-type windows maximise insulation without compromising on aesthetics.
(Installed product: FIN-Project aluminium-aluminium box-type window, designed as a double-sash window door and as a double-sash window, with Slim-line Twin exterior sash, Nova-line interior sash, colour F716 Anthracite grey fine structure full strength, with Venetian blind, colour 0717 silver-coloured, handle Series 11 lacquered in frame colour.)
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