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Product development

Our technical edge is the result of consistent development

We have been developing and producing our own profiles since 1980. Our product range now includes the most varied designs of windows, sliding doors, front doors, glass rooms, window walls as well as folding shutters, roller blind s and insect screens.

Finstral is today one of the most innovative manufacturers in the window and door industry. Continuous product development has seen us successfully launch numerous new products on the market.

Below appears an overview of our most important innovations.

Embossed and satinised frame surfaces

Our special manufacturing process gives the PVC profile its wood-like embossing. We do not affix any embossing films. To give the wood-like surface an even more natural appearance, we have developed harmonious shades such as antique white, pearl white and papyrus white. The colour is thus completely absorbed by the raw material, lending the frame profile an even greater quality appearance. A modern embossed and satinised finish has now been added in white, grey and - brand new - silk grey. 

Embossed and satinised surfaces are more scratch-resistant, very easy to maintain and are pleasant to the touch. They have been our hallmark for decades.

See Finstral surfaces

Structured wood finishes

Our wood finish windows look just like wood yet are as durable as PVC. To achieve this we use acrylic film to mimic natural wood and fuse it with the profile surface without the use of adhesives. The special embossing of the wooden structure gives the frame surfaces an even more natural look. 

We are convinced that fused decorative films with additional profile embossing are superior to glued embossing films.

See Finstral wood finishes

PVC-aluminium frames

The successful construction of our PVC windows with exterior aluminium cladding goes back to the mid-1980s.

The PVC-aluminium frame design offers particular advantages: a highly resistant protective covering on the weather side, higher reliability through the external stabilisation provided by the PVC profiles, an extensive choice of colours with a high-quality appearance, while it is also ideal for darker outside surfaces and very good value for money.

More details about PVC-aluminium windows

Composite windows

We introduced the composite window  into our sales programme when we first began our development of PVC-aluminium windows. 

The composite window  is our multifunctional window. It offers several types of comfort: The weather-proof blind  between the panes ensures requirement-oriented visual and solar protection. The triple or quadruple glazing guarantees high thermal insulation and outstanding sound insulation.

More about Twin-line PVC-aluminium composite windows

Heat-insulated PVC mounting frames

Our insulated PVC mounting frame s offer decisive advantages for new buildings: 
  • reduction in time spent by the various trades on site, 
  • standardised, heat-insulated and sealed joint s, 
  • the shading and guide rails are integrated into the mounting frame 
  • standardised interface between mounting frame  and all window and door systems, 
  • windows and doors are only mounted shortly before use and thus cannot be damaged or soiled during building,
  • clean changeover of elements is possible for future refurbishment. 
Together with the Institute for Window Technology in Rosenheim, Germany, we have optimised and certified our mounting frame s and joint s to current construction standards.

Heat-insulated glass rooms

For over 25 years now we have been manufacturing heat-insulated glass rooms made of PVC and PVC-aluminium that use a concealed steel construction. Our glass room system is ideal for extending living areas and professional spaces. The system is also highly flexible and available in special forms and colours. 

We know of no other glass room system that offers the same flexibility, thermal insulation and value for money.

More details about glass rooms

Heat-insulated window walls

In order to realise large-scale glazing with the narrowest possible frame widths, we have developed the Vista window wall system. Vista is available in a combination of PVC-aluminium or with double-sided aluminium cladding. It offers excellent heat insulation when compared to aluminium mullion-transom systems. This is thanks to the PVC profile core which covers the steel that is required for stability. 

Large glazed areas also require large openings. The Vista system, equipped with wide lift-and-slide doors, provides unrestricted views and barrier-free access to the outside.

More details about the Vista window wall

Narrow frame widths that include the Nova-line

The first window system developed by Finstral, its “Mitteldichtungssystem 200”, was characterised by its slim profile appearance. Windows and doors come across as more elegant and more light enters the room. We have retained this principle to the present day, optimising it with our Nova-line sash variant 

With Nova-line windows, no external sash frame  is visible. The interior appearance is characterised by its extremely narrow, modern outlines. This sash frame  is highly popular in contemporary architecture, used in combination with large fixed glazed areas.

Design your own Nova-line window

Bonding of glass and sash frame

Only in the last few years has adhesives technology evolved into an industry-wide process. We introduced the bonding of glass and frame in 2001 with our new Nova-line sash  featuring an all-round high-quality adhesive strip. We were thus able to offer sash frame s with a minimal appearance. 

Bonding increases the functional safety of the window and reduces readjustment work to a minimum. We now bond the glass with the frame for all of our window systems, ensuring our customers enjoy the best possible functioning.

Modular window systems

Our latest window systems are based on the principle of modular window construction. The window frame  is divided into three levels - outdoor, core and indoor. Each layer has a separate task and, by exchanging modules, numerous variants are possible. 

Our Lignatec (wood-PVC and wood-PVC-aluminium) and FIN-project (aluminium-PVC-aluminium) window systems reflect these pioneering ideas. We can therefore offer an enormous product range with excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation, sound insulation and tightness. At the same time we guarantee that frames constructed of different materials can in future be separated out and recycled.