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Lignatec KAB wood-aluminium windows

Natural, resistant and available in numerous colours

Our wood-aluminium windows combine the advantages of three materials into one high-quality product that you will be able to enjoy for a long time. 

The internal construction of Lignatec KAB  does not differ from our proven Lignatec series. The large central PVC core ensures excellent heat insulation and excellent air- and watertightness. 

The solid wood on the inside of the window creates a particularly natural ambience. 

The robust external aluminium cladding makes the window highly weather resistant and reliable even in extreme temperature conditions. The extensive colour range opens up almost unlimited design possibilities. 

Our wood-aluminium windows are identified with the suffix KAB.



Lignatec Classic-line KAB

The slender, classic form of Classic-line KAB  windows will match every living style. The standard triple glazing ensures excellent heat insulation, while the external aluminium cladding can also meet your specific colour wishes.
heat insulation:
UW  up to 0.84 W/m²K

Lignatec Step-line KAB

The traditional appearance of our Step-line KAB  wood-aluminium windows will add style to your living areas, while the weatherproof external aluminium cladding offers a wide range of colour schemes.
heat insulation:
UW  up to 1.0 W/m²K

Lignatec Nova-line KAB

The frameless outside sash  of Nova-line lets more light into your room, the triple glazing ensures very good thermal insulation, while the external aluminium cladding permits a wide range of colour schemes.
heat insulation:
UW  up to 0.93 W/m²K

Quality hallmarks

Thermal insulation and heating cost savings

Good thermal insulation reduces heating costs in winter and acts as a heat shield in summer.
Our windows feature modern thermal insulation glazing with high insulation values for the window frames.
To energy savings
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Protection against break-ins

Security is a good feeling.
Even the standard versions of Finstral windows are difficult to prise open. The standard security fitting can if necessary be upgraded to provide even stronger protection against break-ins.
More about protection against break-ins
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Protection against injury

Safe should mean safe.
The extensive use of glass in private homes also means that safety is of ever increasing importance.
More about protection against injury

Bespoke products and design

Finstral windows and doors are made-to-measure in terms of form and function. We match your windows exactly to your home and your individual needs.
To the wide range of design possibilities

Opening and ventilation comfort


Our easy-to-operate quality fittings

Child’s play, child-proof

Our fitting s match our windows for quality. They offer outstanding ease of use and are lastingly reliable. Even the basic version provides good safety standards that can be upgraded on request. Our numerous equipment options can provide an optimal solution for your individual needs.

Quality-tested tilt-and-turn opening

Our quality-tested tilt-and-turn fitting  is equipped as standard with a two-point security lock  and mushroom bolt s. This makes it very difficult to prise open the sash .

The surrounding roller bolt s provide even pressure for the window against the seals. This ensures full and effective sealing. The sash lifter  raises the sash  into the correct position. The window can be easily closed and will remain free of wear for a long time.

If you want more protection against break-ins we offer two even more effective security packages, Protect Plus and Protect Safety Plus.

Find out about our security packages

Additional equipment for fittings


Summer-winter energy-saving hinge

Our summer-winter hinge  allows you to reduce the normal tilt opening from 170 mm to 40 mm. A simple movement is enough to optimise ventilation and save energy.

Sash limiter

The sash  limiter limits the opening of the sash  to 90° and prevents it from closing by itself. Short, intense airing is easier because the sash  limiter can resist even powerful draughts.

Lockable doors

The lockable terrace door has a simple mechanism that allows you to operate and lock the door from both sides. Like the tilt-and-turn fitting , it also integrates two security locks with mushroom bolt s.

Skylight opening


Skylight opening

Skylights allow more natural light to enter your rooms, increasing your sense of living and saving energy. The skylight is easy to operate using a lever, crank or motor, while the concealed hinge s (optional) create an attractive appearance.



Complete accessories

Everything for your new Finstral window

Whether for handles, sash  bars or shades, our product range can always offer the right solution. All of our accessories are specially co-ordinated with Finstral’s window and door system.

Window handles

To make sure your window looks good and is easy to operate, Finstral offers window handles with their usual wide range. High-quality products ranging from modern to classic.

Silver-coloured EV1




Stainless steel handle


Press-button handle


Lockable handle


Cross handle


Solar protection


Window sensor


Sash bars


Protection against insects






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