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Surfaces and colours

Finstral-KAB: Yet more variety of colours and surfaces for your personalised window.

Aluminium offers you yet more creative freedom: with metallic effects, fine structures and wood finishes to meet your individual wishes! Finstral-KAB: setting the tone.

Aluminium cladding is not just for decoration, however. The aluminium shielding also protects your PVC window against UV radiation and heat, thus safeguarding your investment for many years to come.

Our window profiles are coloured in beautifully co-ordinated shades on the inside and are extremely colour-fast. A unique process gives our PVC windows a special surface embossing. We thus do not affix any embossing films.

PVC surfaces

PVC interior finishes and colours

Whether satin-finished, embossed or smooth: our wide range of colours lets you apply your own tastes when personalising your windows. Satin-finished and embossed surfaces not only have a high-quality appearance: they are also scratch-resistant and very easy to maintain. Roller blinds, window sills and other accessories are also of course available with these exclusive surfaces.

Satin-finished surfaces

A satin-finished surface creates a modern, silky matt appearance that is also pleasant to the touch.
  • Satin-finished white
    Satin-finished white
  • Silk grey
    Silk grey
  • Grey

Embossed surfaces

With their look of painted wood, these exclusive surfaces in proven shades of white are a bonus for the stylish design of façades and living areas.
  • Embossed white
    Embossed white
  • Antique white
    Antique white
  • Pearl white
    Pearl white

Wood finishes

Looks like wood, lasts like PVC: Our adhesive-free fused wooden decorative foils mimic natural wood. The special embossing gives the surfaces an even more natural look. Select from our various wood finishes to lend warmth and comfort to your home.
  • Castagno
  • Oak
  • Walnut

White smooth surface

The economical variant: the trace marks  typical of smooth surfaces cannot always be avoided with white windows. This surface is not available for Top 90 windows.
  • White

Aluminium surfaces

Aluminium exterior finishes and colours

Finstral aluminium cladding is mainly covered with a weather-resistant and scratch-resistant powder coating. For our wood finishes we use our exclusive, solvent-free coating process.

Smooth surfaces

The variety of the colour palette as long-lasting surface protection, allowing you to fully realise your dream of individual living.
  • L56 similar to EV1
    L56 similar to EV1
  • LC34 dark bronze
    LC34 dark bronze
  • M906 white aluminium matt
    M906 white aluminium matt
  • M01 white matt
    M01 white matt

Sablé surfaces

Beautifully iridescent shades with a light surface structure: If you are looking for resistant paintwork, our sablé shades are the right choice for you.
  • Sablé 583 anthracite
    Sablé 583 anthracite
  • Sablé 658 green
    Sablé 658 green
  • Sablé 893 anthracite grey
    Sablé 893 anthracite grey
  • Sablé 894 dark grey
    Sablé 894 dark grey

Finely structured colours

Our finely structured colours with their slightly grainy structure will give your windows and doors a lively surface.
  • F45 white
    F45 white
  • F113 pearl white
    F113 pearl white
  • F119 grey beige
    F119 grey beige
  • F511 steel blue
    F511 steel blue
  • F609 fir green
    F609 fir green
  • F702 olive grey
    F702 olive grey
  • F703 moss grey
    F703 moss grey
  • F716 anthracite grey
    F716 anthracite grey
  • F742 traffic grey
    F742 traffic grey
  • F744 silk grey
    F744 silk grey
  • F819 grey brown
    F819 grey brown
  • F905 deep black
    F905 deep black

Wood finishes

Looks like wood, lasts like aluminium: select from our various wood finishes to lend your façade a natural appearance.
  • L13 Castagno
    L13 Castagno
  • L16 Douglas
    L16 Douglas
  • L18 Oak rustic
    L18 Oak rustic
  • L19 Oak
    L19 Oak
  • L55 Walnut
    L55 Walnut