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Certified insulation glasses from our own production

Added value glazing from Finstral: the right glass for your needs

If you want something done properly, do it yourself. We at Finstral therefore manufacture all our own standard and special glazing ourselves. In RAL quality, naturally. Our insulation glazing is also certified in accordance with the strict CEKAL quality mark .

Our glass is equipped as standard with thermally optimised glass spacer s, an insulating argon  gas filling and a translucent thermal protection layer. All this optimises thermal insulation. You can also enhance the performance of your windows with optional special glasses. 

All our glazing can also be combined with our Bodysafe and Multiprotect safety glass. 

Whether for insulation, noise reduction, protection against break-ins or injuries, or keeping out the summer heat: we will be pleased to advise you to ensure that your windows offer you the greatest benefit.

The Finstral glass programme


Excellence as standard

Plus-Valor, our delivery standard: insulation glazing manufactured with two panes. One pane has a thermal protection layer, while the space between the panes is filled with insulating argon  gas.
Thermal insulation: Ug  1.1 W/m²K
Energy gain: g-value  0.65
Light transmittance: LT-value 0.82


Maximum thermal insulation

Super-Valor offers you outstanding thermal insulation. This triple glazing is fitted with two thermal protection layers. It provides excellent thermal insulation in winter while ensuring cool room temperatures in summer. 

Thermal insulation: Ug  0.6 W/m²K
Energy gain: g-value  0.54
Light transmittance: LT-value 0.74

Plus-Valor Mediterran

Ideal for warm climates

Good thermal insulation, a high degree of light transmittance and slightly less heat transmittance: those are the characteristics of Plus-Valor Mediterran, the ideal glazing for window in warm regions.

Thermal insulation: Ug  1.1 W/m²K
Solar protection: g-value  0.48
Light transmittance: LT-value 0.74


Strong solar protection

Sun-Block solar protection glass offers maximum emittance of the energy impacting on the exterior. Slightly reflective outside, it offers neutral transparency from the inside. It is the ideal glass for window areas that are highly exposed to the sun and for large glazing areas. The outer pane is also of Bodysafe glass as standard. 

Thermal insulation: Ug  1.1 W/m²K
Solar protection: g-value  0.28
Light transmittance: LT-value 0.60

Sun-Block 3

Maximum solar protection and excellent thermal insulation

Sun-Block 3 is a triple insulating glazing offering both excellent heat protection and maximum thermal insulation. It is ideal for window surfaces that are highly exposed to the sun and for large glazing areas, especially for buildings in colder regions or with air-conditioned rooms.

Thermal insulation: Ug  0.7 W/m²K
Solar protection: g-value  0.26
Light transmittance: LT-value 0.54

Safety glass: more than just safety

The ideal glass for you, mounted with the Finstral glazing kit.
Do you want yet more functionality? All our glass types can also be combined with Bodysafe and Multiprotect safety glazing.


Injury-proof glazing

Bodysafe (ESG ) glazing is a hardened glass with maximum impact withstand that breaks into blunt pieces rather than splintering, thus minimising the risk of injury. 

This is not its only advantage: normal glass may be affected by a heat gap in the case of a drop shadow or dark objects placed behind the glass, while our hardened glazing is immune to such high temperature differences in the glass.


Highly-resistant, versatile protection

Multiprotect (VSG ) glazing consists of two panes bonded together by means of a highly tear-resistant foil. If the glass breaks the foil will capture the shards, meaning there is a very low risk of injury. Its high stability also makes the glass resistant to break-ins and reduces the risk of falls. 

Other advantages include its excellent sound insulation and 100% UV protection of interior surfaces.

Decorative glazing

Design glass

Variety in glass

For the individual design of your windows and doors, select your favourite design from our wide range featuring stylish ornamental glass types or sand-blasted motifs.

Quality hallmarks of Finstral insulation glazing

Find out here how our glazing contributes to protecting your home effectively from cold, heat, noise and break-ins.

Thermal protection and heating cost savings

High thermal insulation lowers heating costs in winter and provides protection from the summer heat.
Our high-quality Plus-Valor and Super-Valor insulation glazing make a major contribution to the very good insulating values of Finstral windows and doors.

Solar and heat protection

Finstral's Sun-Control, Sun-Block and Sun-Block 3 glass are all great ways to prevent overheating. The energy striking the outer pane is largely absorbed or reflected and will not enter the room.

Sound insulation

Our standard glazing offers good sound insulation values. Our special sound insulation glazing offers still higher protection against noise, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet at home.

Protection against break-ins

Security is a good feeling. The choice of the correct glass is also very important. Our highly resistant Multiprotect safety glass protects your home effectively against burglars.

Protection against injury

Safe should mean safe.
The extensive use of glass in private homes also means that safety is of ever increasing importance. Our Bodysafe and Multiprotect safety glazing will offer you maximum protection against injury.
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