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Commercial and environmental sustainability

Careful use of resources today to ensure the quality of life of tomorrow

Choosing Finstral windows and doors is not just a matter of design, function, durability and cost effectiveness. The significant reduction in energy consumption for the heating and cooling of your building will cut CO2 emissions and help conserve energy resources.

Our elements are designed to be disassembled after use into their constituent parts and neatly separated. Each type of material can then be sent for separate recycling. We do not use foam-filled plastic profiles as it is difficult to ensure the separation of profile and foam.


As early as the manufacturing stage we ensure that all PVC profile cut-offs from production are crushed and fed into our in-house recycling system. Finstral makes great efforts to comply with current environmental requirements: The company has since 1999 been certified to DIN EN ISO 14001 standard for its environmental management system and actively engages in a process of continuous improvement.


The materials we use are subject to strict rules regarding their quality, durability, recyclability and the protection of the health of building users. The health assessment of Finstral PVC windows confirms that they meet the highest standard, i.e. very few or no VOC emissions.

Certified energy management

Finstral saves and helps you save: our energy management system, certified to DIN EN ISO 50001 standard, shows the importance we attach to energy efficiency and cost reduction. We have thus undertaken to consistently reduce our energy consumption, make increasing use of renewable energy sources and take steps to sustainably protect the environment. En 2015 nous avons atteint une objectif important, en réduisant notre besoin énergétique de 25% par rapport à 2015. Pour les prochaines années, nous voulons réduire notre consommation d’encore 10%.

Finstral materials recycling - sustainability in action


Old PVC windows are dismantled when windows are replaced.


The old PVC windows are sent for recycling. All Finstral production cut-offs are fed into our in-house recycling system.


The dismantled PVC windows are disassembled into their constituent parts and neatly separated.


We crush the window frame elements in a PVC crusher for recycling.


The resulting granulate is the last stage in the processing. Recycling can then begin. The granulate is formed into new PVC profiles.

The process comes full circle

The PVC profiles are used in new windows or other PVC products.