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Sliding doors and window walls

Bringing the outside closer - maximised glazing surfaces for bright and comfortable living

Our range of sliding doors and window walls offers the maximum in terms of glass surfaces with large sliding doors. The slender proportions result in an elegant appearance and plenty of natural light penetrates into your home, lastingly improving your sense of living. 

Our range features four opening variants and an innovative window wall, all tailored to your needs. All Finstral systems naturally offer user comfort as standard. 

Create new living environments with Finstral sliding doors and window walls.

Quality hallmarks of Finstral sliding doors and window walls

Find out here how our sliding doors and window walls can permanently improve your sense of living.

Thermal insulation and heating cost savings

Good thermal insulation reduces heating costs in winter and acts as a heat shield in summer.
Our sliding doors and window walls feature modern thermal insulation glazing with high insulation values for the frame profiles.

Solar and thermal protection

Finstral solar protection glazing is a great way to prevent overheating. The energy striking the outer pane is largely absorbed or reflected and will not enter the room. It is ideal for the large glass surfaces of sliding doors and window walls.

Wind and rainproof

Weather generally has a detrimental effect on sliding doors and window walls. Wind, storms and rain require a reliable design, tested joints and expert assembly.

Sound insulation

Finstral’s sliding doors have high-quality PVC profiles, special sound insulation glazing and solid joints to ensure optimum noise protection.

Protection against break-ins

Security is a good feeling.
Even the standard versions of Finstral sliding doors and window walls are difficult to prose open. The standard security fitting can if necessary be upgraded to provide even stronger protection against break-ins.

Protection against injury

Safe should mean safe.
The extensive use of glass in sliding doors and window walls also means that safety is of ever increasing importance. Finstral offers high-quality Multiprotect and Bodysafe special glazing that is certified to protect against injury.

Bespoke products and design

Finstral sliding doors and window walls are made-to-measure in terms of form and function. We match your doors and window walls exactly to your home and your individual needs.
Focus on Finstral added value

Expert advice and comprehensive information

Our promise to our customers: high-quality products and reliable service – both before and after your purchase.
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