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The new Finstral sales office in Holland

Finstral B.V.

The distinctive corrugated metal frame of the building’s basic structure was maintained during renovation. To provide the building with greater transparency and daylight, the original front façade with its porthole windows was completely renewed with a Finstral Vista window wall. As this façade is oriented towards the south-east, the decision was made to choose Sun-Block solar protection glass in order to minimise the cooling load at the desired level of light. Additional venetian blind s, elegantly retracting behind the corrugated iron, were fitted on the upper floor to protect from glare. Frameless Nova-line ventilation sash es are used in the Vista window wall to emphasise the lightness of the façade appearance. The porthole windows on the east side of the building, where the training and conference rooms are located, have FIN-Project Twin-line Nova composite window s. The integrated blind s provide good light and solar protection, while the outside frameless sash  means the windows blend harmoniously into the modern façade.
Inside the building all interior walls were removed to ensure plenty of exhibition space. On the first floor too, glass partitions from the Vista system transparently separate yet connect spaces by means of single laminated glazing.

With its 20 employees, Finstral B.V. is responsible for sales in the Netherlands. The three sales areas are direct sales to end-customers and construction firms and cooperation with qualified dealers. With its attractive exhibition space, the building also offers an excellent platform for planners and architects, along with their clients, to find out more about Finstral’s windows, doors, window walls and glass rooms.
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