Note on data protection.

Use of this e-mail inbox
The information transmitted is solely meant for the recipient, whether he or she is a physical or juridical person, and is intended and considered to be confidential. No transmission or forwarding to other persons or companies than the addressees is permitted, nor is the distribution or any other use of this information. If you have received this message by mistake, please contact the sender and delete the information from all your devices.

This e-mail inbox is exclusively reserved for the sending and receipt of internal messages in accordance with the work tasks of the sender. Its private use is neither intended nor permitted. For this reason, messages sent and received are treated as business messages. They are therefore subject to the usual operational rules, as also intended by the official regulations, and may in addition be read by persons other than the owner of the mailbox.

Information about the processing of the contact data of customers and suppliers
The company responsible for data processing informs you that, in the course of implementing the contractual or pre-contractual relations that link us to the company for which you are working, your personal data or contact data (master data, business e-mails, business telephone number, mobile work phone number, etc.) may be exchanged between the respective companies or given to the respective contact person, depending on the tasks assigned to you and the orders for the execution and implementation of the pre-contractual or contractual legal relationships.
Our company will therefore process such personal data only so far as is absolutely necessary for the implementation of all contractual requirements. The data will be stored until the fulfilment of the respective contractual services and of the corresponding deadlines in the corporate documents.