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Light and airy

Transparency and lightness are the main characteristics of the Light series. But the high-quality glass panels are not just aesthetically pleasing.

The Multiprotect safety glass on the inside and the Bodysafe glass on the outside mean that your front door offers extremely good protection against break-ins. This provides maximum security and protection against injury for yourself and your family, both inside and outside.

The edge enamelling can be customised with one of nine elegant tones to give an individual touch to your front door.


The front door for every taste

Choose your individual front door

A compact overview is given for the possible variants for each front door. The table shows if the desired model is available in PVC (PVC), PVC-aluminium (KAB) or aluminium (ALU).

We also show you at a glance which heat insulation requirements are met by the model. Standard is used to designate all front doors that offer good insulation values. The greater filling structure of the Premium version ensures even better insulation: a particular advantage for regions with cold winters and for energy-efficient buildings.
Light 01
with clear glass
Light 02
with satin-finished glass
Light 03
with individual satin-finished glazing

Added values

Protection against break-ins

Very good protection against break-ins is of course standard with Finstral front doors. You can as an option fit the door with additional security components and special glazing in order to protect your home.


Stable profiles, all-round bonding of filling and frame, high-quality fittings and seals all ensure our front doors close tightly and are particularly reliable over time.

Thermal insulation

Our front doors are characterised by modern thermal insulation fillings, high-quality frame materials and insulation glazing. Good thermal insulation reduces heating costs in winter and acts as a heat shield in summer.

Bespoke products

We match your front door exactly to your home and your individual needs. Finstral front door systems are almost entirely produced in-house. This allows us to perfectly match the front door components.

Accessories and security


A wide range of accessories

For a personalised appearance and greater security

To ensure that your front door matches your needs, we offer a selection of attractive optional fillings, easy-to-use electronic locking systems and special fitting s.

Finstral locking systems add not just comfort but also security to your front door.

Enamel tones for glass edge


G01 deep black


G02 cream white


G03 khaki grey


G04 anthracite grey


G06 traffic grey


G07 silk grey


G08 fawn brown


G09 grey brown


G10 umbra grey


Concealed door hinges


Safety cylinders


Motorised locking


Electronic release


Certified escape and anti-panic doors




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