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Thermal insulation and heating cost savings

Good thermal insulation reduces heating costs in winter and acts as a heat shield in summer.
Our windows feature modern thermal insulation glazing with high insulation values for the window frames.


Well insulated all year round

Optimal thermal insulation helps you reduce your energy costs throughout the year.

High-performance glazing and high-quality frames are important for good thermal insulation and the comfort of your home. Even our basic window glazing features thermal insulation and thermally optimised glass spacer s.

Energy savings in winter: reduce your heating costs!

In winter too cold, in summer too hot: this type of room climate will not only adversely affect your well-being, but also your energy costs. The heating energy consumed with old windows with single or double glazing is three times higher than that with new Finstral windows.

Energy savings in summer: give your air-conditioning system a break!

Our standard thermal protection glazing offers excellent protection from the summer heat as well as outstanding thermal insulation in winter.

Your rooms remain pleasantly cool, you only need solar protection later on in the day and air-conditioning costs are significantly reduced.

Triple glazing: singularly better

Double thermal protection glazing, with a single-sided coating and argon  filling, is nowadays the standard for modern window construction.

To further improve your thermal insulation, we recommend our triple glazing. The double coating of the glass and the two cavities between the glazing significantly increase its effectiveness.

The ideal Finstral windows for thermal insulation and heating cost savings


Top 90 Classic-line

With its classic lines and standard double glazing, Classic-line offers outstanding thermal insulation and an appealing, contemporary design.

heat insulation:
UW  up to 0.75 W/m²K

Top 90 Nova-line KAB

Our economical PVC-aluminium solution: the frameless sash  profile lets more light into your room. And, with its aluminium cladding, the window is more robust, easier to maintain and yet more individual.

heat insulation:
UW  up to 0.78 W/m²K

FIN-Project Nova-line

This aluminium window has a modern and slender appearance: the frameless sash outline  on the outside provides your living quarters with plenty of light. Nova-line also offers excellent heat insulation.

heat insulation:
UW  up to 0.82 W/m²K

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