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Solar and thermal protection

Finstral solar protection glazing is a great way to prevent overheating. The energy striking the outer pane is largely absorbed or reflected and will not enter the room.


Control warmth – keep heat out

Our high-performance thermal insulation windows offer good protection against heat.

Special solar protection glazing will optimise this effect.

The ideal glass for sun protection optimised to your needs

Irrespective of the region you live in, we have the right glass for you. We offer two different special glass types for southern areas and window areas that are heavily exposed to the sun: Plus-Valor Mediterran and Sun-Block. For colder regions, on the contrary, we recommend Sun-Block 3.

Our solar protection glass Plus-Valor Mediterran provides good thermal insulation, a high degree of light transmittance and only little heat transmittance and is thus suitable for use in areas with a warm climate.

Our stronger solar protection glass, Sun-Block, lets even less heat enter the room and is the ideal solution for large windows and roof glazing.

The triple insulation glass Sun-Block 3, apart from providing excellent solar protection, also offers maximum thermal insulation. The perfect glazing for colder areas or air-conditioned rooms which are, however, strongly exposed to direct sunlight.

In addition to glass we also offer excellent solar protection in the form of roller blind s, venetian blind s and folding shutters.

Venetian blinds: flexible solar protection with an attractive appearance

Our venetian blind s offer you flexible light, visual and heat protection. The freely adjustable slats allow you to diffuse blind ing sunlight, turning it into pleasant room lighting, thus keeping rooms cooler for longer.

The Twin-line composite sash: one window, many functions

Our innovative composite window s with integrated blind s ensure individually adjustable solar and visual protection. The blind , located between the panes, is effectively protected against dirt and weather. Excellent sound and thermal insulation are also part of the package.

Our ideal insulation glasses for solar and thermal protection


Plus-Valor Mediterran

Ideal for warm climates

Good thermal insulation, a high degree of light transmittance and slightly less heat transmittance: those are the characteristics of Plus-Valor Mediterran, the ideal glazing for window in warm regions.

Thermal insulation: Ug  1.1 W/m²K
Solar protection: g-value  0.48
Light transmittance: LT-value 0.74



Strong solar protection

Sun-Block solar protection glass offers maximum emittance of the energy impacting on the exterior. Slightly reflective outside, it offers neutral transparency from the inside. It is the ideal glass for window areas that are highly exposed to the sun and for large glazing areas. The outer pane is also of Bodysafe glass as standard. 

Thermal insulation: Ug  1.1 W/m²K
Solar protection: g-value  0.28
Light transmittance: LT-value 0.60


Sun-Block 3

Maximum solar protection and excellent thermal insulation

Sun-Block 3 is a triple insulating glazing offering both excellent heat protection and maximum thermal insulation. It is ideal for window surfaces that are highly exposed to the sun and for large glazing areas, especially for buildings in colder regions or with air-conditioned rooms.

Thermal insulation: Ug  0.7 W/m²K
Solar protection: g-value  0.26
Light transmittance: LT-value 0.54


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