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Protection against injury

Safe should mean safe.
The extensive use of glass in private homes also means that safety is of ever increasing importance.


Bodysafe toughened safety glass: good protection against injury

Bodysafe is a toughened glass that can withstand stresses better. If it breaks the glass will simply disintegrate into small, blunt glass fragments, thus minimising the risk of injury.

Finstral fittings: child safety is paramount

Finstral not only offers glazing but also fitting s with special extras to provide increased protection against injury or falls. Your windows are therefore made very safe for children.

The tilt-before-turn fitting  lets you position a window without a key in the tilt position only.

The twist lock works in a similar fashion, only allowing the window to be opened in the tilt position.

Finally, your windows can be fitted with a lockable handle that can only be opened with a key.

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