Conservatories for all-year-round use.

More space. More life.

Why do we describe our conservatories as “permanent gardens”? Because they can be used all year round. The construction is so well insulated that it creates a complete new room – regardless of whether it is snowing or sunny outside. We have been developing and making windows for 50 years – and conservatories for the last 30 years. And, because we at Finstral apply the highest standards, we do everything ourselves, from development and production through to straightforward installation. This makes Finstral’s conservatories simply unmistakeable. And especially durable.
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Always a pleasant indoor climate.

Always a pleasant indoor climate.

Most conservatories are so-called cold conservatories and therefore only pleasant in mild temperatures. Finstral’s permanent gardens, on the other hand, are so well sealed and insulated that they can be used as a proper living space all year round. Heat insulation glazing makes sure this is possible and, thanks to the profile’s PVC core, the frame and roof constructions are perfectly insulated. With smart planning you can even use the conservatory as a sort of buffer in front of the house, producing additional energy savings.
Twice the design freedom.

Twice the design freedom.

White satin-effect PVC on the inside, Olive Grey aluminium on the outside? You can combine the colour and material for the interior and exterior of your conservatory exactly to your taste. In principle we use high-quality coated aluminium for the exterior, as it is particularly weather-resistant and, with 230 full strength colours, surface effects and wood textures, offers enormous design freedom. There are four different materials to choose from for the interior: PVC, aluminium, wood and ForRes. No matter which variant you choose, as we at Finstral produce most of our products ourselves, we can always guarantee the highest quality.
Always just your style

Always just your style.

A conservatory brings the outdoors inside and reliably protects against cold, wind and noise, no matter which variant you choose: Classic is traditional in style and particularly versatile, and even offers constructions that fit around house corners possible. Penta offers the narrowest frames and largest glass surfaces on the market. Cubo also boasts equally narrow frames and an energy-efficient flat roof. And if all movable elements, such as sliding doors, window doors or skylight tilt windows are fitted with our all-glass Nova-line sashes, our narrow frames on the exterior will completely disappear from view.
Expert installation.

Expert installation.

Is the installation to an expert standard? Of course. Thanks to 30 years of experience in installing conservatories, we always know what to do even in complex cases. All structural joints are fully checked for us by the Institut für Fenstertechnik (ift) in Rosenheim to ensure that everything turns out fully stable and watertight. All persons involved in the installation process also receive regular training. Because, ultimately, it is perfect installation that transforms a conservatory into a fully insulated permanent garden.
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