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The Moser Garden Hotel on the Montiggl Lake

Attractive spatial arrangements with Finstral windows

A high-class new construction has recently taken shape on the Montiggl Lake in South Tyrol: the extension of the Moser wellness hotel. Its unique lakeside location, surrounded by a picturesque biotope, means that guests can enjoy a wonderful opportunity for peaceful holidays.
The new Ramus building contains 13 suites, the owner’s private apartments and a modern wellness and sauna facility. There were several reasons why the owner chose Finstral window and door elements, including the success of the existing long-term collaboration between Finstral and the architect, the high product quality, the excellent value for money and the company’s wide and versatile range.

For aesthetic, practical and not least financial reasons the owner wished to use different products in the three separate areas of the new building – the wellness oasis, the hotel rooms and the private dwellings. The entire wellness area was to be bright and elegant: FIN-Project elements and a Vista window wall create a simple yet impressive appearance with large glass areas and discreet frames. For the windows in the guest rooms and in the stairway, on the other hand, functional decision criteria were of the essence. The requirement was for simple cleaning and straightforward matching of colours to the interior furnishings, with the choice falling on the Top 72 KAB  window system. A white surface was selected for the room side, while the outside of the windows were fitted with aluminium cladding to ensure their successful optical integration into the façade. For the personal dwelling areas Finstral provided an outstanding solution – the FIN-Project system in wood-aluminium design – that combines maximum glass area with a minimal visible frame, all the while ensuring good thermal insulation. The wooden surfaces on the inside of the window also produce a comfortable, natural sensation.

There was excellent co-operation between Finstral, the planners and the hotel owner during the various project phases. Much appreciated in particular was the company’s precise implementation of the requirements as well as the reliability and punctuality shown during execution and assembly.