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Gardena Chalets: exclusive holiday apartments in the Dolomites

Alpine tradition and modern architecture combined in a high-quality new construction in St. Ulrich, Val Gardena

Wood and natural stone are the distinctive external features of this first-class holiday residence situated in the heart of the Dolomites. Room-high windows, natural, high-quality materials, local wood and warm colours give the apartments the highest levels of comfort. Built to environmentally-friendly standards with architecture that combines regional influences with a modern stylistic idiom, these holiday residences are marked by their fine detail and quality-conscious fixtures and fitting Fittings refer to all the metallic and non-metallic parts that permit the opening and closing of windows and doors. They include hinges, locks, bolts, panels and drive units.s.
The right choice of windows was also very important. As the interiors were largely outfitted using matured timber, the owner originally intended to fit window elements of solid wood on the room side. It was however only partially possible to match the window frame The window frame is the outside frame of the window element. It is firmly affixed to the external wall. This frame contains the opening sash frame.s to the old timber. Thus, following intensive discussions with the architect, it was decided to select a completely different material. The choice was made to use Finstral’s FIN-Project aluminium system: the technical and visual qualities of these high-quality windows and doors meet the high standards of the building and harmonise perfectly with the modern Alpine furnishings.

FIN-Project elements consist of a sealed, insulating PVC frame at the core, solidly joined both inside and outside with high-quality aluminium. This completely new FIN-Project structure is marked by extremely narrow frames, a proportionately large glass surface and extraordinarily good thermal insulation. There are also the numerous colour and surface possibilities offered by aluminium.

One of the most important requirements for the window and door elements was high thermal insulation: the holiday apartments had to meet Climate House A standards for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly residential buildings. Finstral’s FIN-Project uses innovative multi-chambered PVC profiles with centre seals, thermally-optimised glass spacer Depending on the glazing structure, the spacer joins two or three single panes into one insulation glass unit. Its function is to seal the cavity between the panes towards the outside. Heat-optimised spacers improve the thermal insulation properties of the window.s and triple glazing to guarantee thermal insulation values of up to Uw This is the heat transmittance coefficient of the window element. The value indicates the amount of heat transferred in one hour through one square metre of a component at a temperature difference of one Kelvin (equivalent to 1°C). The lower the heat transmittance coefficient, the less warmth that is lost through the window and the better its heat insulation properties. The unit is [W/m²K]. 0.80 W/m²K.

FIN-Project also precisely meets the aesthetic design requirements of a building with large glazed areas. The windows should be slender and discreet in appearance, with the framework as unobtrusive as possible, while the roller and venetian blind Blinds are a form of visual or solar protection fitted to or in the window. They consist of horizontally arranged slats that can be adjusted to vary the incidence and diffusion of light.  The slats can be raised or lowered to form a single bundle. Blinds are installed between the panes of composite windows.s should be completely concealed by the masonry, thus enabling an almost seamless transition from wall to the large glazed areas. To do this, Finstral developed a special object-oriented joint Joints refer to the connection, in technical construction and assembly terms, of a window or a door with the surrounding wall and floor. solution to fulfil both the technical and visual needs. The slender outlines of the Nova-line window blend perfectly into the elegant and delicate appearance. Barely visible from the outside, the sash Mobile, opening part of a window consisting of the sash frame and the glazing. creates a large glazing surface for optimum light incidence in the living area.

As well as the Nova-line windows, a large number of sliding elements was also used in the Vista system. Here too, the extremely slender proportions and the glazing areas offer magnificent views and a sensation of indoor comfort.

All of the window elements meet very high-quality configuration standards. Security too was also given high priority. Finstral Multiprotect laminated safety glass and Finstral Bodysafe toughened safety glass were used in order to ensure the highest possible protection against break-ins and injury. Sensors monitor whether the windows and doors are open and permit automatic control of the heating and alarm installations. Entrance doors fitted with motorised locking devices and electronic finger print systems ensure total user-friendliness. The high-quality Top 90 PVC window system was even installed in the cellar and garage areas.

The logistics of the building project required a high degree of co-ordination. As completion of the holiday apartments was governed by a tight time schedule, it was extremely important to maintain an exact organisation between all contractors. Finstral met every deadline for all of the assembly operations.