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Elegant windows to Passive House standard from Finstral

An idyllic housing complex – the “Boarischer Hof”

Architect Stefan Gamper of Klausen, South Tyrol, has created a housing complex south of Bozen with 14 freehold apartments, all with modern fitting s and equipped to Climate House A standard, that harmoniously blend into their picturesque setting. This was achieved by a conscious reduction in the materials used and the installation of functionally aesthetic windows by Finstral.
South of Bozen, in the town of Eppan on the South Tyrolean Wine Route, architect Stefan Gamper has created a new housing complex based upon sustainable principles, once again showing his famed intuition for the local architectural style not just as regards the structure itself, but also as a gesture to the past: because on the site of the 14 freehold apartments once stood the “Boarischer Hof“ guesthouse, built in the 1960s. The new L-shaped building bears the name, clearly visible on the façade, in its memory. Each of the two to four-room apartments (ranging in size between 55 and 110 m²) has fantastic views over the valley of the River Etsch.

The unrestricted views over the valley were further improved in an inconspicuous and attractive manner through the use of the Lignatec KAB  window system. The Nova-line window variant owes its modern appearance to the concealed sash frame s outside and slender wooden profiling inside.

The standard use of 36 mm triple-glazing ensures outstanding thermal insulation of up to Uw  = 0.94 W/m²K. The thermal insulation value for the frame is Uf  = 1.2 W/m²K.

The wood-aluminium version consists of a clip-on external cladding of extremely weatherproof aluminium, while the interior frame is of solid ash with an oak tone.

In designing the property, the architect took care that no direct view into neighbouring units was possible, thus enhancing the desired level of privacy in the 14-apartment complex. The residential units are vertically accessed via a bright, naturally lit stairway fitted with the Finstral A78-Young-line aluminium window system. The concealed sash frame  means that, from the outside, the opening sash es cannot be differentiated from the fixed glass, thus giving the stairway glazing a harmonious feel.

Economical pellet heating with a low-temperature system is used to heat the structure. This energy-saving measure is also supported by the windows, as the Lignatec windows offer thermal insulation of up to Uw  = 0.94 W/m²K, in line with Passive House standards, as well as excellent airtightness. The four-storey building with cellar has a fully thermally insulated plaster façade from the ground to the second floor. The third floor in contrast is covered with red synthetic resin plates. Aluminium, anthracite in colour, is used for the outside of the windows, ensuring that the windows are further protected against the weather and are easy to clean. This is not simply for functional reasons: the aluminium cladding underlines the modern architecture of the building. Inside, a warm wood tone produces an attractive, comfortable ambience.

While on the lower floors the northeast-facing balconies are clad with red synthetic resin plates, the third floor is set back and the apartments each have a large roof terrace. The lift-and-slide doors used here are also from the Lignatec system, as the wood-aluminium construction with a flat floor threshold and particularly easy control mechanism offer maximum comfort. The lift-and-slide doors also have very good thermal insulation values of up to Uw  = 0.92 W/m²K. Finally, a flat green roof ensures the top floor also meets the Climate House A standard.

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