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Complete refurbishment with Finstral

Warmth, light and elegance

More floor space, better thermal insulation and modern architecture – how the Brandt family made their wishes come true with an all-round refurbishment.
Three years ago Mr & Mrs Brandt lived in a house that had been built in 1988 with double-glazed wooden windows and a small wooden conservatory. The then-standard building methods came at a price, however: high heating costs thanks to the inadequately insulated windows and a conservatory that could not be used during the cold season owing to the low ambient temperature. “The K value of the conservatory was 3.0, while that of the windows was around 2.6. They were simply poor values. We never managed to get it properly warm in winter”, says Christian Brandt.

Once the wood in the conservatory started to rot in several places, the Brandts decided on a complete refurbishment, with particular emphasis on good thermal insulation and contemporary architecture. After considering matters for half a year and numerous discussions with architects, they decided for a conservatory on two floors and composite window s with integrated solar protection.

There were three good reasons for choosing a window system from the new Finstral FIN-Project aluminium programme: very good thermal insulation values; a narrow frame appearance in modern aluminium; and weatherproof, easy-to-clean composite window  sash es. Sabine Brandt also wanted room-high glazing and good shielding against solar radiation: the FIN-Project Twin-line Nova window was the ideal solution. This multi-function composite window  with triple glazing features a weatherproof blind  in the space between the panes, dispensing with the requirement for a housing and thus allowing the Brandts to plan larger glass areas.

The frameless sash  makes Twin-line Nova appear wide and generous on the outside and offers maximum light incidence, while on the inside the slender sash frame  of the composite window , with no glass strips, is equally attractive.Finstral’s completely redesigned construction using a heat-insulating multi-chamber PVC core and inside and outside firmly joined aluminium profiles ensures excellent thermal insulation with a Uw  value of 1.0 W/m²K.

The Brandts chose their new front door to match the aluminium material, the large glazed areas and the slender aesthetics. The Light model of the A78 P system is characterised by its prominent glass that lends a clear elegance and a modern tone to the entrance area.

Once the windows were replaced it was the turn of the conservatory. To adapt the incline of the two-storey construction to the roof, the Brandts selected Finstral’s lift-and-slide door / window wall system combined with the manufacturer’s glass roof system. Two lift-and-slide doors with double sash es on the ground floor offer access to the terrace and the garden, while a French door on the upper floor leads to the balcony. The transverse strip of enamelled glass effectively separates the upper and lower levels of the conservatory. “The new conservatory has a Uw  value of 0.9 W/m²K”, say the Brandts. “The thermal insulation will now meet our energy efficiency requirements for years to come.” The Brandts are very happy with their comprehensive refurbishment: “It has all turned out just as we wanted. We feel totally satisfied!”

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