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FINSTRAL custom-made windows, doors and glazed extensions

Discover our variety of products and diversity of customer value

FINSTRAL AG is an innovative company operating Europe-wide, producing and delivering high quality windows, doors and glazed extensions. Our quality controlled products are technically perfected and meet the individual requirements of our customers in terms of function, furnishings and design.

FINSTRAL stands for one-stop manufacturing and thus guarantees cost-efficient and sustainable construction and restoration as well as energy saving and a high standard of living.

PVC, PVC-aluminium, PVC-wood, wood- aluminium and aluminium windows and doors. We provide high-level technology and design for comfortable living.
Long-lasting and functionally reliable winter gardens and glazed extensions. Expand your living space and bring more natural light into your home!
PVC, PVC-aluminium or aluminium front doors. Choose from a variety of models, and attractive designs, and go for reliable construction, stability and safety.
Diverse and attractive shading systems provide excellent protection from sight, light and heat with ideal thermal and acoustic insulation values.
Check out some of our most impressive old and new building projects throughout Europe!
FINSTRAL Aluminium-Fenster- und -Türensystem FIN-Project
NEW: Aluminium-windows and doors FIN-Project
The modern window-system with excellent thermal insulation
FINSTRAL FIN-Project-Schiebetüren
NEW: Aluminium lift-and-slide doors FIN-Project
Easy opening systems for greater living comfort
FINSTRAL FIN-Project-Haustüren
NEW: FIN-Project front doors
Model series Style and Elite

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Thanks to a comprehensive network of retailers, our company is represented in 16 European countries. Personal professional consultation, enticing show rooms, punctual and reliable installation and a competent customer service are available on-the-spot. Discover your FINSTRAL retailer near you!